About Us

Xela Aroma creates elegant fragrances for the everyday home. Founded in 2000 out of the entrepreneurial spirit of Dallas businesswoman, Maryann Mihalopoulos, Xela Aroma has expanded from offering all-natural reed diffusers to one of the most trusted home fragrance companies in the United States.


We take pride in offering candles and diffusers made from the best natural fragrances and essential oils, and we are committed to sourcing locally. Each Xela Aroma candle is hand-poured in Dallas, Texas, which means our small team is hands-on from start to finish. We maintain the pioneering spirit we were founded on, keeping the needs of our clients at the forefront of our products and services.


We are proud to sell candles and diffusers we believe in with fragrances that have the lasting power to elevate the mood and setting of any home.