Monthly Home Fragrance Subscription Box

  • $35.00

Sign up today for $60 of seasonally selected product for just $35- delivered right to your door the first week of every month!

July's Box Includes:

  • One 14oz Classic Posh candle (Jasmine, Tobacco, Vanilla) in a limited Edition Blue Mercury Glass Vessel
  • One 100mL White Linen Reed Diffuser in a frosted glass vase

The perfect gift for your fragrance-obsessed friend, or fragrance-obsessed self. Xela Aroma subscribers receive a unique fragrance box each month full of our favorite Xela Aroma products that have been skillfully curated just for you. The products are always a surprise and you are guaranteed to receive at least $60 of product for just $35 a month- that's 40% off your favorite Xela Aroma products!